Madeleine Ailyee Okamoto

Madeleine has been studying piano at the Masaki School of Music for 7 years under the guidance and tutelage of Ms. Noe Baladad. She is 13 years old and currently lives in Pearl City, Hawaii, and is a middle school student at Hawaii Baptist Academy. From a very young age, Madeleine has experience performing publicly at events such as the Annual Christmas Show at Ala Moana Center and Orvis Auditorium at the University of Hawaii. As part of her study in music, she has received technical piano training with pianists Mr. Tyler Ramos and Ms. Annie Kwok. When she is not performing, Madeleine is an active athlete with the Oahu Taekwondo Center and holds a senior red belt. Madeleine enjoys performing on her piano and is very excited to participate in the Charleston International Music Competition as the experience will allow her to excel as a student of music.

You can find Madeleine’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Piano performance here.