Mafalda Cardoso Maia

Mafalda Cardoso Maia

Born in Porto, Portugal (2007), she started learning saxophone at the age of 8 (2016) with Prof. Rodolfo Maia. The following year she joined the Costa Cabral Music Academy in Porto, in the class of Prof. Jorge Sousa, that still attends today.

Masterclasses, she participated in several, with: Gilberto Bernardes, Henk van Twillert, Mariano García, Vicent David, Kenneth Tse, Nicolas Prost, Mario Marzi, Henrique Portovedo, Rob Buckland, Michel Supéra, Ricardo Pires, Fernando Ramos, Marcelo Marques and José Pedro Gonçalinho.

Resident in orchestras: 2016 and 17- “AMCC Winds and Percussion Initiation”, conductor Marcelo Marques. 2018 – “AMCC Winds and Percussion 2nd Cycle”, conductor Jorge Fernandes. 2019 – “AMCC Winds and Percussion 2nd Cycle”, conductor Hugo Folgar. 2020 – “Cluster, by Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra” conductor Duarte Cardoso.

Stages of orchestra: 2017 – “AMCC Winds ans Percussion Orchestra”, conductor Luís Carvalhoso 2018 – “AMCC Symphonic Orchestra”, conductor Fernando Marinho 2019 – “National Winds Orchestra”, conductor Luís Miguel Clemente 2020 – “Dão Saxophones Orchestra”, conductor Pedro Ralo

Music competitions, in his age group, she won: 2018: “Concurso Internacional de Sopros do Alto Minho” – Portugal 2019: “Concours de Saxophone Parisien” – France 2020: “Concours International Adolphe Sax L’Hay les Roses” – France 2020: “New Talent British International Youth Music Competition” – UK 2020: “Odin International Music Competition” – Estonia 2020: “International Grand Music Competition” – Russia 2020: “Texas International Music Competition” – USA 2020: “King’s Peak International Music Competition” – USA

Music competitions, was also awarded with:: 2018 – 3th place – “Prémio Ilda Moura” – Portugal 2018 – 2nd place – “XII Olimpíadas Musicais” – Portugal 2019 – 2nd place – “Solo Youth Sax Competition Andorra Sax Fest” – Andorra 2020 – 2nd place – “Young Musician International Competition Città di Barletta” – Itália

Special prizes in competitions: 2020: “Prix Special du Jury – Concours International Adolphe Sax L’Hay les Roses” – A Selmer alto saxophone, unanimously attributed to the most outstanding performance of the event considering the 6 age groups up to 18 years old. 2020: “Virtuoso Award – New Talent British International Youth Music Competition” – Attributed to the best performance in the Woodwind & Brass category, considering all competing age groups. In this case up to 30 years. 2020: “Invitation to the Gala Concert – International Grand Music Competition” – Awarded to the 14 best competitors, considering all musical disciplines and all age categories. There were 110 participants from 19 countries.

You can find Mafalda’s performance here.