Maria Annica Gabrielle Arat Matig-a


My name is Maria Annica Matig-a and I’m currently a senior pianist in AW Dreyfoos School of the Arts. I started playing piano when I was around three years old in the Philippines, my birth country. I also had my first piano recital there. However, my music journey took a hiatus when I moved to the US. Because of adjusting to a new country and finding a new piano teacher, I didn’t rediscover piano until I was eight years old. Throughout my grade school years, piano was a hobby for me: I performed outside of school in nursing homes and fundraising events and competed in competitions. I only performed in my school’s choir (which I was also a part of in fourth and fifth grade) once in fifth grade. Eventually, piano became a part of my school curriculum when I attended Bak MSOA and continued until now at AW Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to pursue music in college and as a career. However, I do plan to minor in music while I major in biochemistry in college.

You can find Maria’s performance here.


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