Marianna Szlendak

Marianna Szlendak was born on February 15, 2010 in Warsaw. From the age of 6, she attended the State Music School. Grażyna Bacewicz in Warsaw, where she learned to play the flute under the supervision of prof. Marzena Niciewicz.
Marianna Szlendak has successfully participated in many national competitions. She is a laureate of 16 flute competitions and festivals in Poland and many international internet competitions:
World Open (Belgrade-Serbia), Moscow Music Competition (Moscow-Russia), II International Online Instrumental Performance Competition (Toronto – Canada), Tiziano Rosetti Competition (Lugano – Switzerland), Napolinova World Flute E-Competition (Naples – Italy), Flutes by the Sea Flute Competition (San Francisko – USA), Medici International Music Competition (London – England), MAP International Music Competition (Los Angeles, California, USA).

You can find Marianna’s 2022 Baroque Music Competition flute performance here.