Meredith Richardson

Meredith loves music. She was introduced to a grand piano and note reading at younger than three by her grandparents. At the age of five, Meredith formally started studying violin. Later, she went to the New England Conservatory of Music where she has played first violin For the String Training Orchestra and played First Violin for the Suzuki Spring Concert. She has been a pupil of several great and skilled violin teachers, including Susan Jarvis, Angela Leidig and Cecilia Pinto. Now she is studying with violinist Celia Zhang.

Other than that, Meredith has been actively participating in school and town-wide orchestras. When she was 9, she was selected to be the only of the younger grade participants to perform first violin with 8 graders. Now in 7th grade, she is honored with the position of Concertmaster, First Chair violin, for Brookline Town-wide Orchestra.

She has won first prize for local, national and international violin competitions, including: Gold Medal at the 35th Milton Young Musicians Festival for which she was invited to perform in a Gold Medal Concert; Grand Prize for the International Rising Talents Festival for which she was chosen to perform at the Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Music Center; and First Place for International Classical Music Performance Competition London Young Musicians. Meredith enjoys practicing violin hours and hours everyday. Music is her greatest love and passion in life.