Miguel Angel Pacheco Maicas

Miguel Pacheco was born in València (Spain) in 2002 and his passion for the music started when he saw his older sister playing the saxophone when he was only 2 years old. Few years after, he started studying saxophone at his local music school at the age of 6. After some years of musical education, he entered to the professional conservatory when he was only 11 years old. 6 years afterwards, he finished in “Conservatori Professional Mossén Francesc Peñarroja” in La Vall d’Uixò with distinction. When he was 18 years old, he entered in ESMAR achieving the best marks of the candidates in the auditions. Currently, he is studying 2nd grade of saxophone in ESMAR. Miguel Pacheco has been performing in stages since he was 6 years old and he has played in prestigious places like “Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía” in València, in “Palau de la Música”, in different auditoriums of Barcelona, Almería, Andorra, France, Italy… furthermore he has also played in festivals like the “XVI Festival de Bandas de Música” or several bands competitions. What is more, Miguel have also had the experience of playing in orchestras such as “Moonwinds Orchestra” as a soloist. Since a young kid, Miguel has been really interested in competitions, and prove of this are his first prizes in the contest “Concurs de Joves Intèrprets” (2011,2021,2013) or some mentions in the same contest (2010, 2015). Due to finishing the professional grade with distinction, Miguel could opt to the conservatory grade award, which he won (2019). Moreover, he also won the first award in “King’s Peak International Music Competition” (2021), the 2nd award in the “International Music Competition OPUS 2021”, the 3rd one in “Medici International Music Competition” or the 2nd award in “MAP International Music Competition” among others. He is currently still studying in ESMAR with the international soloist Xelo Giner and at the same time he is giving particular classes of different subjects. He combines his studies with plenty of musical activities such as rehearsals and practice with 2 different saxophone quartets for contests and concerts. Furthermore, he has a duo with a piano student to give concerts around the C.Valenciana.

You can find Miguel’s performance here.