Miles Marsollek

Miles Marsollek (born October 2015) began violin lessons at the age of three with Mika Yonezawa, the deputy concertmaster of the Komische Oper in Berlin.

After four months of lessons he had his first audition, and after another two months he played his first small concert. Since then, around 20 other public appearances have followed. In September 2021 he performed at a concert for young musicians in the Berlin State Opera.

Miles has already composed two pieces for violin and has been participating in national and international music competitions for several months. In 2021 he has already won 13 international awards. In Scandinavia he won 3rd prize in a duo with his brother Maddox (piano, 7 years old) (1st and 2nd prizes were not awarded). Also as a duo, the brothers won first prize twice in the USA and a second prize in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Miles also won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes as a soloist in various competitions in the USA, a 4th prize in Canada, a 1st prize (Gold Star) in Estonia and a 2nd prize at a European Academic competition Artists Association and another 2nd prize and a 1st prize (Gold Prize) in England. Most recently, he won first prize in the age group up to 8 years of age at the international music competition “2021 Rome Grand Prize Virtuoso” and was selected to perform at the Teatro Studio, Parco della Musica in Rome.

In Germany he also won first prize as a soloist at the Carl Schroeder Competition (distinction with outstanding success) and also first prize in a duo with his brother in “Youth makes Music”, the most important music competition in Germany.

You can find Miles’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Violin performance here.