Monika Anna Hartmann


I commenced my music education in 2000 at Fryderyk Chopin’s First and Second Grade State of Music in Bytom. For whole twelve years my major instrument was cello under supervision of mgr Beata Krzanowska. During second grade of music school I started to attend a string quartet classes with my friends which made me actually think that this is what I basically want to do. We estabilished our string quartet in 2008 and we still can find ourselves playing together. As young girls we started to learn under supervision of Apollon Musagete Quartet. Also we had have many opportunities to work with amazing musicians (Silesian Quartet, AMQ, members of Vienna Philharmonic, Roland Baldini etc.) Since 2012 I have been studying at Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music. For first five years I was studying modern cello in class of Piotr Janosik and Adam Krzeszowiec. I finished studies in 2017, and after a year of break I decided to start learning about historically informed performance. First year I was exploring this world under supervision of Bartosz Kokosza, and now I’m in class of Tomasz Pokrzywiński. I manage to play in many ensambles and orchestral projects (not only at my alma mater but I also played with Academic Baroque Orchestra in Wrocław). I’m having a great chance to work with magnificent people like Marcin Świątkiewicz, Martyna Pastuszka, Katarzyna Drogosz, Marek Toporowski, Anna Firlus etc. Since 2019 I play in an ensemble Cohaere Ensemble. We are the winners of few international competition, like IV Odin International Online Music Competition or “Music without limits” that took place in Lithuania (online).

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