Nadine Zeyna Satamian

Nadine Satamian

My interest in classical piano began at the age of six. Piano playing is something I have always been passionate about. It has taught me faithfulness, and like playing the piano, means to take action, be accountable, always show up, and never give up. Growing up, my first encounter with both of my piano instructors allowed me to realize that my main ambition in life is to help other students gain the form of expression that I value. A pianist tends to follow their role models in order to achieve what they desire in life. My instructors have taught me discipline, to cherish beauty, and to set goals. I’ve also learned that small sacrifices are what’s needed in the attainment of a greater goal.

With classical piano as my main focus, it has become the educator that taught me the importance of balance and discipline, and has become the spark of my intellectual curiosity. What I’ve learned in my seventeen years of piano playing, is that learning an instrument is such an intimate act, and has allowed me to find greatness in myself!

You can find Nadine’s 2022 International Piano Competition performance here.

You can find Nadine’s 2023 20th Century Music Competition piano performance here.