Niral Parmar

My name is Niral Parmar, and I am eleven years old. I started my music journey with piano at age four. I enjoy all elements and forms of music, practice regularly, and have been doing so far.

My musical skill has grown a lot in that time. I still remember my first song, called “Birthday Party”, being only twelve notes long and having no left hand in it whatsoever. It’s all thanks to my music teacher and my family.

Miss Naomi is my piano teacher. She taught and guided me whatever I know about music.

Being a piano player who’s always trying to conquer new peaks is even harder. Many hours of practice every week, lots of stress, many powerful emotions – positive and negative, many challenges… and the list can go on! But at the end of the day because of my teacher guidance and family moral support I always felt successful and motivated.

I have participated in many competitions (including international competition) and recitals. I was couple of time one of the winners in an international competition ‘Little Mozart’ and it gave me opportunity to perform once in a very famous music hall called Carnegie Hall.

I am completing different grades in ABRSM’s (Associative Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams since last 4 years. I recently started singing lessons inspired by my success in piano so far, am playing the flute as part of my school’s band and played the concert bells for my elementary school.

In summary, I have come very far in seven years thanks to some very special people and plan to have a lot more musical adventures in the future.

You can find Niral’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Piano performance here.