Oriana Maria Wojciechowska

Oriana Wojciechowska (13 years old) has been playing violin since she was 6 years old. In 2020 she graduated with the highest grade and honors from the Primary General Education Music School in Gdansk, Poland. Now she continues her music education in the Secondary General Education Music School in Gdansk, when she studies violin under prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Skorupa. Oriana Wojciechowska attended many solo and cameral master class courses, when she has worked with such a recognized violinists as prof. Janusz Wawrowski (Poland), prof. Krystyna Jurecka (Poland), prof. Piotr Tarcholik (Poland), prof. Wiesław Kwaśny (Poland), prof. Walentyna Jakubowska (Russia), prof. Agnieszka Marucha (Poland, Austria), Dorota Sosnowska (Switzerland), Dariusz Smolarski (Poland). The big stage public debut of Oriana Wojciechowska was in 2019, when she performed in joined recital with prof. Krystyna Jurecka in a Great Concert Hall of Lancut Castle. She cooperated with conductors: Dawid Jarzab (Poland), Maksym Dondalski (Poland), and Massimiliano Caldi (Italy). She is laureate of many international violin competitions.

You can find Oriana’s 2022 Baroque Music Competition violin performance here.