Paúl Marcelo Loja Prado

Paúl Loja Prado is originally from Ecuador, he is an experienced musician and educator. He was professor of Flute at the National Conservatory of Music in Cuenca-Ecuador, and Music Instructor at the Institute of Languages – University of Cuenca. He has performed in orchestras and ensembles around Ecuador including the Cuenca Professional Symphony Orchestra as the substitute flute, the Youth Orchestra of Ecuador as principal flute and the Chamber Music Ensemble as a flute soloist from the Department of Culture – University of Cuenca. In 2013, he received a Performance and Certificate of Recognition – Master Flutist at the 23rd International Flute Festival “Mitad del Mundo” Quito-Ecuador. Paúl Loja Prado has performed in masterclasses for well-renowned flutists including Carol Wincenc, Michel Bellavance, Rogerio Zerlotti Wolf, Angelita Floyd, Jill Felber, Brook Ferguson, Katherine Kemler, Rebecca Johnson, Stephen Clark, Joidy Blanco, among others. In 2020, he was selected to perform for Carol Wincenc in a December Series Masterclass, celebrating her 50th Golden Anniversary Season. In 2021 at the Wisconsin Flute Festival for Stephen Clark, the New Jersey Flute Society for Brook Ferguson, and the Puerto Rico Flute Symposium for Joidy Blanco.

Paúl Loja Prado holds a Master of Music in Flute Performance from the University of Nebraska – Omaha under the guidance of Dr. Christine Erlander Beard. Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from the University of Cuenca and a Bachelor-diploma certificate from the National Conservatory of Music “Jose Maria Rodriguez” Cuenca, Ecuador.

You can find Paúl’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Flute performance here.