Pichaya Kampanya

It was back in December 2016 when Pam attended her elementary school as a kindergarten and saw the String group perform. At the performance, it was the ability to inspire the audience including Pam. She determined that she wanted to be on the stage and perform to the audience. Next semester, Pam has started her music journey with her school’s string group and chose the violin for her instrument. She was in the 2nd violin group for a semester before moving up to the 1st violin group when she was a first grader. She was selected to perform in front of school boards when she was a second grader. She was accepted into Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Preparatory Strings for the 2021-2022 season. Currently, Pam is in 5th grade and joins her school’s string group where she serves as a concertmaster.

You can find Pichaya’s 2022 Winter Music Competition violin performance here.