Qi-Wei Zhu

Qi-Wei Zhu is eleven years old, he started his piano lesson with Ms. Mie Shirai when he was six and half. He listens and plays music from different periods and different composers, among them, Bach is his favorite. Some of his awards include 1st place in MTAC Southern California Youth Music Festival, JMAC Piano Competition and CAPMT Sonata/Sonatina competition during 2018-2019; 1st place in Satori Music Festival and 2nd place in CAPMT Sonata/Sonatina competition, SYMF, JMAC and 3rd place in CAPMT Honors Competition and Charleston International Piano Competition during 2020-2021. He often performs at local senior homes and is happy that he can give back to the community through music.

Qi-Wei also plays cello and would like to learn Guqin and Guitar in the future. Other than music, Qi-Wei loves drawing and playing tennis, he is also a good swimmer.

You can find Qi-Wei’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.

You can find Qi-Wei’s 2022 Classical Music Competition piano performance here.