Randy Wang Huang

Randy Huang

Randy Huang is a junior at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California. He has been playing cello for 7 years. Cello has been a way for him to share his passion for music with others. He started in elementary school for fun, but as he started playing more his passion for cello grew eventually turning his cello career into a competitive environment. He won first place in the 2016 46th Annual Granquist Music Competition and was the first chair at the 2018 ILMEA (Illinois Music Education Association) Junior orchestra festival. In 2021, he received a state award for the Certificate of Merit as an advanced-level cellist. He would later place first at the American Protege Competition in 2022. He is currently playing the ovation/ chamber orchestra with a leadership position at San Diego Youth Symphony.

You can find Randy’s 2023 Baroque Music Competition cello performance here.

You can find Randy’s 2023 20th Century Music Competition cello performance here.