Rebekah Lonnell McCarty

I have been playing the violin since I was 6 years old, and I believe that I truly have a passion for it. I have been trained in classical music, but I also love playing more modern music with a nice beat that has an electronic backtrack. I also enjoy some fiddle music. Occasionally, I’ll compose some music. I play the violin not just because I adore the sound of the instrument, which I do, but it’s because music is one of my main sources of joy and excitement. I want to be able to share that joy and excitement with others. Weather it’s on a stage in front of an orchestra, or a solo piece in the living room for my family; I want to make people happy with my music. And naturally, I want to have fun while doing it! I intend to study music in college and would like to become a professional violinist.

You can find Rebekah’s performance here.