Saanvi Kaza

My name is Saanvi kaza. I am 11 years old.
I love to play piano blindfolded. There is a light inside every one of us as bright as sunshine.No matter whatever happens just tell yourself that you are up to any challenge that life gives you. Every kid needs a spark of inspiration. Certain people in our lives have a great ability to inspire others. My awesome music teacher Mr.Kevin Goodwin inspired me in singing and playing the piano. He is also an epic singer and songwriter. His inspiration gave me strength to do things that I hadn’t imagined that I could do.I dared to take a step forward by playing the piano blindfolded in a virtual world competition, which took place during this Pandemic. My positive mindset that I could achieve anything if I believed in myself and focused, which made me win first place in a world competition twice. You will never know how much an inspiring teachers shine can impact a kid.I could spread joy through music during this pandemic.Now every song I learn is like a gift waiting to be opened and explored.
Recently, I was able to perform 18 songs on the piano blindfolded continuously for around 1 hour, which landed me in the International Wonder Book of Records and also I got shortlisted for the child prodigy globally.

You can find Saanvi’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.