Samantha Maria Tarazona

Samantha Maria Tarazona

Samantha Maria Tarazona Vasquez. She was born in West Palm Beach, USA, on April 1, 2012. In 2018 she joined the National System of Youth Orchestras and Choirs of the State of Lara in the Little Schumann Band and the Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory. In the year 2022, she entered the National Violin School, receiving violin classes by Professors Eliana Campins and Raymar Cumare.

She has participated in different technical seminars and basic principles of the violin instrument given by Lcda. Raymar Cumare and Professor Rayson Cumare. In December 2022, she participated as Director in the Concert of the Children’s and Youth Orchestras of Barquisimeto. She has attended Master Classes with Maestro Carlos Luis Perdomo, and Professor Mariesther Álvarez. She participated in a special concert of the Children’s Violin Ensemble from professorship of Lcda. Raymar Cumare for Maestro Gustavo Dudamel where she stood out as principal in the row of second violins.

As a soloist, she has performed different recitals accompanied by piano, performing works by composers such as S. Suzuki, H. Gutierrez, N. Laureaux and Venezuelan music such as El Tramao. These recitals were performed within the National Violin School.

Actually, she belongs to the National School of Violin in to the professorchip of Lcda. Raymar Cumare, is Concert Master of the Barquisimeto Nucleus Children’s Orchestra, and she is part of the Training Program for Young Conductors, where she has received classes from Maestro Felipe Izcaray.

You can find Samantha’s 2023 Baroque Music Competition violin performance here.