Sankrith Ramani


Hello! I am Sankrith Ramani, a 16 year-old sophomore attending Langley High School. I have been learning and playing the piano for 10 years. Participating in the NFMC festival for 9 years, he has received a Superior ranking consecutively for 9 years, winning the 15 and 30-point cups for the playing category, and a 15-point cup for the theory category. Additionally, I have received successive rankings of Superior in the Piano Guild USA, receiving the Sonatina Plaque in the year of 2016.

I have also explored other areas of music besides Western Classical Music. Since the age of four, I have been learning South Indian Classical Carnatic Music, performing at various venues in the DC Metro Area. Using the knowledge and technique from learning how to play the piano, I also explored playing Carnatic music on the keyboard, and was honored to perform with a live Carnatic ensemble at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2018.

I am extremely passionate about music – how simply melodies and accompaniment evoke intense emotions and feelings, and how performers can express themselves through music. Thank you so much for having this opportunity, and I look back to hearing from you!

You can find Sankrith’s performance here.


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