Sarah Anne Girges

Sarah Anne Girges

Sarah Girges, a homeschooled 16 year, has played the piano for 9 years and currently studies with Barbara Miller of Spokane, WA. She enjoys filling her days studying piano, violin and of course her school subjects, where she finds history to be her favorite. She began playing piano competitively when she was 10 years old and has won or placed in numerous competitions including, but not limited to:

1st place Charleston International Music Competition: duet (ages 11 to 16)

1st Place Chicago International Music Competition: 1st place ensemble

1st prize winner: Vivo International Music Competition

1st place: Ghiglieri Piano Competition: junior solo winner

1st place Spokane Piano Competition: Baroque category

1st place Spokane Piano Competition: piano duet (2x) 5 gold medals at Musicfest Northwest

1st Place MTNA state: senior piano duet (2x)

1st place MTNA division: senior piano duet (2x)

2nd place MTNA national winner: senior piano duet Silver medal Russian Piano Competition: ensemble category

2nd Place Paderewski Youth Piano Competition: junior category (2x) MTAC piano competition honorable mention

2nd place Kings Peak International Competition: solo piano

3rd place WSMTA Outstanding Artist Competition

Sarah’s other hobbies include violin, where she is principal 2nd violinist for Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra, as well as reading, camping/hiking, cooking and baking. Sarah plans to go on to study music in college. She hopes you enjoy her performance.

You can find Sarah’s performance here.