Selda Nathania

Selda started her piano lessons with her teacher, Ms. Natalia Kristianti, at the age of 10. Since then, she has actively participated in various national and international music events, in which she has also received numerous achievements and awards. Some of them include: 1st Prize at Indonesia Piano Competition Series 2015, 2nd Prize at 6th ASEAN International Concerto Competition 2015, Gold Award at Malaysia Recital Festival 2015, Silver Award at Kuala Lumpur International Piano Festival 2017, 1st Prize at Indonesia Piano Competition 2019, 3rd Prize at Singapore Online Popular Piano Competition 2020, 1st Prize at Indonesia Open Music Festival 2020, 1st Absolute Prize (Grand Award) at Bangkok International Piano Competition 2020, 2nd Prize at Ukraine International PianoArt Competition 2020, 3rd Prize at VI Odin International Music Competition 2021 (Estonia), and 2nd Prize at GCC Rising Talents of Asia and Oceania 2021 (UK).