Shinhye Dong

Violinist Shinhye Dong, who is trying to express music in depth and communicate with the audience, is currently studying violin and writing her research paper in Doctor of Musical Arts at Arizona State University with Dr. Katherine McLin.
Shinhye started playing her violin when she was five years old. She came from a musical family. Thanks to her father, a violist, she could access classical music easily and grew up listening to classical music. She also could learn her violin and a lot of musical things from her father.
Shinhye had solo recitals not only in the States but also in Korea. In particular, in 2020, she participated ‘Beethoven Abend,’ which was held to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth in Dae-Jeon Arts Center, South Korea. In 2021, she won first prize in the 9th edition of the New York Artist International Competition and won other competitions in the past years in Korea. In addition, she has built various musical and artistic experiences by playing her solo violin, orchestra, and chamber music. Furthermore, she was a MACE(Mannes American Composers Ensemble) member while she was attending Mannes. During that time, she studied and played various contemporary music.
Shinhye participated in masterclasses and lessons with world-class violinists and orchestra musicians, including Kyungsun Lee, Stephanie Chase, David Halen, Marie Wang, and Jorja Fleezanis. She did her undergrad in Korea and went to the United States and studied her violin for a master’s degree at Mannes College The New School of Music in New York, in 2014. Shinhye got Special Talent Award-Music and Eirene Peggy Lamb Scholarship in ASU and got Mannes Grad Merit scholarship in Mannes. She studied with Hyung-Seong Dong, Su-mi Choi, Jin-Seop Yoo, Seon-Hee Kim, and Hiroko Yajima.

You can find Shinhye’s 2022 Baroque Music Competition violin performance here.