Shreya Gandla

My name is Shreya Gandla and I’m 11 years old and live in Seattle. I started my piano lessons with Ms. Nell Engel when I was 7 and half years old. For the past 2 and a half
years I have been taking lessons with Mr. Peter Adams at Kaleidoscope School of Music.

In the Reflections 2020 competition, I qualified to the State Level for the theme “Look Within” in the ‘Music Composition’ category for my song titled “Look Inside”. In 2021 Reflections, I made it to Council level in Music Composition, with my entry “Hope”.

I enjoy writing songs and love to sing and compose music and also transcribe songs to
play on my piano. I’m part of 2 rock bands – one for singing and another for piano playing, plus I’m in choir and jazz band at my school.

You can find Shreya’s 2022 Winter Music Competition piano performance here.