Siying Zhou


My name is Siying Zhou. I’m 10 years old.I come from China but I study in South Africa. I am a student of Global House of Music and my teacher is Monica Strydom. My school that I’m in now is Crawford Prep Sandton. My violin teacher at school is Mrs Gooding. I started violin when I was 7 years old. I play violin and piano because I like music. My goal in music is to be a pianist and share the love of music to everyone. I started piano when I was five years old.In the year 2018 I attended The Kids With Talent competition for piano. In that year, I got 3rd place in the Finals. I also attended Kids With Talent in 2019. In that year, I got 2nd place in the finals and 3rd place in the Grand Finale.I also started piano at school in 2016 Trinity with Mrs Pitchford. I also attended ‘the 13th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition-China’. In 2020, I competed in the Charleston International Music Competition and received 3rd prize for the Romantic Section.

You can find Siying’s 2020 Romantic Music Competition performance here.

You can find Siying’s 2021 Classical Music Competition performance here.


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