Siyu Zhou

He has a strong interest in music since childhood. At the age of five, he began to learn violin. Under the training of his enlightening teacher Fang Li , he made progress in music road and won many awards. In July 2018, at the age of 6, he won the silver award of the children’s group a violin professional group of the 18th (2018) national finals of the outstanding young artists selection activity of dandelion. In 2019, at the age of seven, he stepped onto the university stage and performed the violin music “spring” like a whirlwind, achieving great success. In January 2020, he won the second prize of group A in the 10th (2020) Hong Kong International Violin Competition. In the same year, he was only 8 years old and passed the violin amateur band 10. In February 2021, he won the first prize of group A in the 11th (2021) Hong Kong International Violin Competition. Weidong Tong , a famous violinist, educator and former director of the string music department of the Central Conservatory of music, gave a good evaluation of Zhou Siyu’s successful performance of “Spanish Symphony” in the Hong Kong International Violin Competition: the overall performance was good. Ming’en Zhou, a famous violinist and Professor, director of string music department of the Affiliated High School of Shanghai Conservatory of music, gave a high evaluation: it’s amazing to be able to complete this at your age. Congratulations to you, your teachers and your parents! Junqi Tang, American music educator, doctor of violin music art, and graduate tutor of Violin and chamber music at University of Toledo evaluated: Nice playing. This is a challenged piece for your age, and you accomplished well. Good technique. …… You play with ease. Great Job! Bravo!! In nearly three and a half years of violin learning, Siyu restrained his naughty and playful nature, kept learning and accumulating music knowledge, and worked hard to improve his performance level and cultivate his ability to appreciate music. He paid time and sweat, harvest full of happiness and robust growth!