Taeeun Kim

Taeeun Kim was born in Korea in 2012. She is currently 9 years old, and a third- year student at Farmland Elementary School in Maryland, US. In October 2019, when Taeeun was 7 years old, she began to learn violin from her teacher, Miae Jeon. In August 2020, she had an audition for the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra for the first time in less than a year after she began learning violin. She played ‘Bourree’ by G. F. Handel, and upon her qualification she was appointed as assistant concertmaster (ACM) of the first violin session. Since then, as ACM of the first violin session, she had two virtual concerts in December 2020 and March 2021. She played ‘Fancy Fiddles’ by Mark Willams, ‘Miniature Symphony I~IV’ by Richard Meyer and so on. In November 2020, she participated in the virtual violin competition of the Metropolitan Classical Music Festival hosted by Young Musicians Inspiring Change (YMIC). She played ‘Minuet’ by L. Boccherini and won second place. Yesterday, June 12th, She Performed ‘The Boy Paganini Fantasia’ by Edward Mollenhauer at ASP Open House Performance that is a recording submitted to this competition. She likes to play the piano in addition to the violin, and she is learning drawing and taekwondo as her hobby. She has not neglected her violin practice even while she was unable to take lessons from her teacher due to COVID-19. Although she has not been learning violin for a long time, she dreams of becoming a violinist in the future and always plays with all her heart and passion.

You can find Taeeun’s performance here.