Tam Pak Shun Parson

Parson is a 9-year-old boy from Hong Kong. He began playing the cello when he was 6 years old. He has recently received awards in:

– International Young Artist Music Competition 2021, Hong Kong, Strings Grade 8 (1st Place);
– Muse 2021 International Music Competition, Greece (1st Prize);
– France Music Competition 3rd edition 2021 (1st Prize);
– Red Maple Music Competition 2021 Fall, Canada (1st Place);
– 21st Century Talents Music Competition 2021 Summer, Canada (1st Place);
– The International Liszt Ferenc Competition 2021, Hungary-Budapest (1st Prize);
– Odin International Music Online Competition 2021 (1st Prize);
– Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition 2021, New York (1st Prize);
– Rome “Grand Prize Virtuoso” 2021 (1st Prize);
– IMKA International Music Competition 2021, Sarajevo (1st Prize);
– Classical Music International Competition 2021, USA (Grand Prize, 100% perfect score);
– International Arts Festival “Magic Sounds of Romania” 2021 (Grand Prix Debut);
– Quebec Music Competition 2021, Canada (Platinum Medal, 95% score or above);
– London Young Musician 2020-21 Season 4 (Gold Prize);
– London “Grand Prize Virtuoso” 2021 (1st Prize);
– Vienna Music Examination Board Competition 2021 Spring (1st Prize);
– 9th Hong Kong Youth Barclampory Music Festival (1st Prize);
– Hong Kong Youth Catania Music Competition 2021 (1st Prize);
– 21st OSAKA International Music Competition (Gold Prize);
– 8th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival, International Final (1st Place).

Besides cello, he also loves playing the drums and composing music.