Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang (b. 2007) started seriously learning piano at the age of 7 from her mother. From 2017 to 2019, she studied with Dr. Doris Chiang. She currently studies piano under the tutelage of Dr. Kirill Gliadkovsky and in the Tiziano Rossetti Academy under the tutelage of Master Maria Narodytska. At the prodigious age of 10, she debuted in the prestigious Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall, as part of the Golden Classical Music Awards ceremony. In 2019, she participated in the international Atlantic Music Festival as their youngest performer. She won first place with the highest mark in the Constellation: World Vision 5 art contest in Kyiv, Ukraine with her interpretation of Chopin’s Ballade No. 3 described as “Musically, sensually, unusually” by the contest’s jury. She has participated in masterclasses with world renowned artists such as Oxana Yablonskaya, Pascal Rogé, Ory Shihor, and Victor Rosenbaum. She won many top prizes in many local, regional, and international competitions, including the First Absolute Prize (Grand Prix) in the 1st Tiziano Rossetti International Music Competition (tizianorossettiacademy.com) with a scholarship and participation in their “career project”. She also won Grand Prix and Frederic Chopin Prize in the Golden Piano Talents Competition, I Prize in the Charleston International Music Competition, “Nouvelles Etoiles” Competition, Euro Elite International Music Competition, II Prize and Special Prize for Best Chopin in the Elevato Stanza Junior Piano Competition, II Prize in the London Classical Music Competition, Anselmo Youth Music Competition, 21st Century Talents Music Competition, III Prize in the Future Stars International Piano Competition, and Diploma in the Lansum International Piano Competition. Not only does she have major experiences in instrumental music, but she is also heavily involved in musical theatre. This year, she will play the Enchantress and a Silly Girl in her school play, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. In March 2022, she received an “Outstanding Performance Award” from the International Piano Professionals Association in season two of the IPPA Outstanding Pianist Showcase Program.

You can find Wendy’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.