Yanyan Lu

Yanyan Lu received her Piano Performance’s Certificate from Northern Illinois University and pursuing her Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degree in Piano Pedagogy at Texas Tech University, under the guidance of Prof. Daniel Del Pino and Dr. Carla Davis Cash. Her former piano teacher includes Dr. William Westney and Dr. William Goldenberg. She has won many piano competitions worldwide, and published one article in a national professional magazine in 2012, two of her essays won the 2nd Prize for the National Aesthetic Education Exhibition (2011) and Art Education Research Papers (2013) in China. Yanyan’s musical interests and skills extend beyond the piano area. As an excellent harpsichordist, organist and accordionist, she also plays several non-western instruments, including the Chinese Pipa, Erhu, and Guzheng. As an active soloist as well as a collaborator, Yanyan has performed in Austria, the United States, Korea, Japan, German, etc.

You can find Yanyan’s performance here.