Younghan Ro

Tenor Younghan Ro

Lirico-spinto tenor Younghan Ro has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Seoul National University and is currently attending the Professional Studies Diploma course at Mannes School of Music.
He studied with tenor Yong-hoon Lee, a professor at Seoul National University, a world-renowned opera singer, and is currently studying with Arthur Levy at Mannes School of Music. He is also working on music with music coach Lucy Arner and Neal Goren.
He was recognized for his musical talent in Korea for his excellent sound and his musical reinterpretation, although he began performing vocal music late.

“14th CBS National Music Competition – 2nd Prize”
“2nd Korea Young Artist Music Competition – 3rd Prize”
“6th Buam Art Competition – 3rd Prize”
“33rd The Music Association of Korea Competition – 2nd Prize”
“6th The Korea Herald Music Competition – 3rd Prize”
“49th The Music Education News Competition – 2nd Prize”
“2021 The Century Opera Voice Competition – 2nd Prize”

He also has a special talent for choral command and performance planning. He worked as a musical director in “S.N.U. Praise Missionary Choir”, “Doosan-Infracore Company Choir” and “S.N.U Staff Choir”. Currently, he is active as the music director of the “S-Vision Voice” vocal ensemble group.
He appeared on the popular Korean TV show ‘The Immortal Song’ and they even performed in South Korea’s National Assembly. They performed not only in Korea, but also in Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and the United States in their own style.

You can find Younghan’s 2022 Classical Music Competition vocal performance here.