Anthony Kim and Winston Yu

The duet, known as “Winthony”, consisted of Winston Yu and Anthony Kim. Both of them are 10 years old.

Anthony started to learn piano since age 4. He began playing the cello at the age of 5 with Minji Kim. In 2020, Anthony has met Prof. Kevin Krentz and his musical development has been grown fast since then. In 2021, he won the third place at Kings Peak International Music Competition. Later, he won the first winner at Music International Grand Prix and he made his debut at the winner concert in the Hylton Performing Arts Center. Recently, he won the American Virtuoso International Music Competition, Seattle Simon Fiset String Competition.

Winston, just seven months younger than Anthony, started to play cello at age 6 with Haeyoon Krentz. Only a year into his cello lessons, he started to spent hours and hours composing his cello pieces. Though most of them were not playable, still he dreamt of one day, Yo-yo Ma could play his pieces. In 2021, Winston won the 2nd Place, the Best Performance by First-Time Participant, and the Best Performance of a Baroque Composition in Simon Fiset String Competition. He won as the finalist in New York International Classical Music Competition 2021, and the third prize in International Grande Music Competition.

Both Anthony and Winston joined Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras last year and played several concerts at the Benaroya Hall with the orchestra.

You can find the duet’s 2022 Baroque Music Competition performance here.