Ayasa Nagano and Shinichiro Kosaka

Ayasa Nagano
《Improvisation Creator Violinist》

Born on 13 May 1988, in Tokyo Japan.She began learning violin at the age of eight.
She has won prizes in the Grand-Prix and 1st prize Kyushu Music Competition,the 1st prize IMKA International Music Competition in Bosnia-Hercegovina,3rd prize MEDICI International Music Competition in England(Duo for Violin and Piano,Piano Trio),1st prize 21st Century Talent ensemble music competition Fall season in Canada,also she received more prizes and she was a finalist at the Music Competition for students in Japan.
She is performing with famous pianists,opera singers,ballerinas,French puppet and marché at famous events the places are Tokyo Disney Resort, Saitama Super Arina and Tokyo Tower, and also she is performing in the TV Programs (TBS,TV-Asahi),FM-Radio Programs as a “Improvisation Creator Violinist”.
She made sounds for strings and debuted from record company”Cascine” of America and England.
She performed JAPAN EXPO 2019 in Malaysia and also the Special Music TV had her performance of Opera trio the Feature is“250th Beethoven’s Anniversary by famous musicians” from Sochi in Russia.
Recently she has presented treatises about classical composers and performed “Violin Sonata No.9 for Kreutzer by Beethoven”at the Performance Association.
She is a Jury of competitions for the Tokyo International Arts Association also she is a performance member of the Japan Teaching Association and the association for church music of the Rikkyo University.

Shinichiro Kosaka (conductor / pianist)

Born in Yokohama. He graduated from the Tokyo College of Music and completed of Hannover college of Music and Drama major Piano. After that, he studied Orchestral Conducting at the Paris Central Conservatory, Rotterdam Conservatory and Leipzig College of Music and Drama graduated with a Diploma (Master of Germany). He also studies opera Répétiteur, harpsichord, voice training and violin. He studied the piano under Kimihiko Kitajima, Katsumi Ueda, Kazuko Miyazaki, Takashi Hironaka, Einer Steen-Nökleberg, and Leu Naumov. Conducting studied under Kazue Kamiya, Bruno Poindefert, Ernst Shelle, Christian Kultig and Fabio Luigi. He studied opera Répétiteur with Helmut Weese, harpsichord with Maria Brätigham, vocal music with Kathleen Grose, Score reading with Reinhard Gailert, and violin with Georges Shifra. He has performed as a guest conductor in the Lyon Region Orchestra, the Paris Municipal Conservatory Orchestra, the Leipzig University of Music and Drama Orchestra, Neue Elpland Philharmonic Orchestra, West Saxony Philharmonic Orchestra, Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, Polish Chamber Orchestra and Gewanthaus Chorus.

You can find the duet’s 2022 Spring Music Competition performance here.