Selah Flores and Ananya Lertpradist


Ananya Lertpradist and Selah Flores, students of Dorothy Yan, have over ten years of piano experience collectively. Individually they have placed in piano competitions throughout Texas and performed extensively. Since 2019, Lertpradist and Flores became a duo and have participated in masterclasses with Rene Lecuona and Kasandra Keeling, performed in various recitals, and competed in competitions across Texas. At the 2020 Sounds Like KPAC Competition, they received 2nd place, and their performance was aired on TPR 88.3. In San Antonio, TX. Recently in January 2021, they competed in the same competition and was awarded 1st place. They are excited to continue growing in their musical journey and share their talents with others.

You can find the duet’s performance here.


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