The Maxmilian Quintet

Nickolas Warwick, Vaughn Hale, Greyson Geisness, August Schwob, and Max Milian

The Maxmilian Quintet came to be when five talented musicians from around the US met at the Philadelphia International Music Festival. Hailing from large cities of the north, south, and east all the way down to the beaches of Florida, they were busy advancing their music skills at this intense music program in July of 2022. The five young players were all working on their own various pieces, chamber ensembles and orchestras but they felt a drive to make music together in addition to the groups formed through the program. They wanted to play music out of the pure love of music and to make something great. Out of it came this performance of Dohnányi’s Piano Quintet no. 1, performed at the festival on Dohnányi’s 145th birthday!

The group consists of Nickolas Warwick playing first violin, Vaughn Hale playing second violin, Greyson Geisness on viola, August Schwob on cello, and the group’s namesake, Max Milian, playing piano.

Nickolas is a native Houstonian and is currently attending the Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) as a senior. He has many interests ranging from world history to modern art; however, he is most passionate about his music. Playing the violin and performing are not only a part of his life, but a part of who he is, and he is happiest when sharing his talents with others. Having started with a box violin at age three, he has gone on to win numerous prestigious awards and playing as a soloist for orchestras such as Symphony North of Houston and Houston Civic Symphony.

Vaughn is a violinist in Texas also. He lives in Dallas and is a student at the Booker T Washington High School for Visual Arts. He is a member of the GDYO Philharmonic Orchestra. He spends his free time composing music and is currently preparing to conduct a Mozart Symphony with his school orchestra. His plans are to study not only violin performance but also business at Northwestern University, getting an ambitious Double Degree at one of the top universities in the US.

Greyson started playing violin at age three and later added piano and viola to his instrumental prowess. Now a sophomore, he has sat as both concertmaster and principal viola in some of the many top youth and college orchestras that he has had the pleasure to be a part of. His life is filled with music; in not just orchestras, but also small groups that perform at a variety of venues, teaching private lessons, attending summer programs, and accepting solo invitations to places such as the Pinellas Park Civic Orchestra. When not playing music, Greyson loves playing tennis and hanging out at the beach with friends, near his home in Florida.

August is a senior from Oak Park, Illinois. He started playing cello with he was six years old and currently serves as principal cellist of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. When not spending time on his instrument, August enjoys playing basketball and football with his friends, cooking, collecting vinyl and appreciating Chicago’s museums.

Max Milian is a 17-year-old pianist, cellist, and composer from Brooklyn, New York. He has studied under many acclaimed musicians and teachers through various mentorships, such as through the Van Lier Fellowship and the Curtis Mentorship Network, in addition to the numerous masterclasses that he has performed at and the renowned summer programs that he has taken part in. He is a part of the New York Youth Symphony chamber music and orchestra programs, through which he has played at exciting venues, such as Carnegie Hall.

These talented young musicians enjoyed making music over the summer of 2022 and continue to keep in touch and visit each other even though they are thousands of miles apart. They hope to resume their music making in future summers and to share their love of music with the world.

You can find the quintet’s 2022 Romantic Music Competition performance here.