Victoria Lerche, Aleksandra Radwańska, Adrianna Kafel, and Anna Guja

Created in January 2021, La Metamorphose is a collaboration of four girls who share a love of 17th and 18th century music and were greatly encouraged by the positive sounds emerging from their first rehearsal performances together. Each member of the ensemble has competed and achieved awards in their own various disciplines. The artists are; Victoria Lerche – Talented Vocalist and student at The Music Academy, Katwice, Poland. Victoria is a pupil of the celebrated Elzbieta Grodzka- Lopuszanska and is a leader of the ensemble. She is also studying Harpsichord at Chair of Harpsichord and Historical Performance Methods, Academy of Music, Katowice under the supervision of Marek Pilch. Aleksandra Radwanska – Violinist. Her interests in Baroque music led her to study Baroque Violin as a pupil of Dr Martyna Pastuszko, Professor of Baroque Violin in Katowice. Aleksandra was awarded her Master of Arts degree in Baroque Violin in November 2020. Anna Guja – Pianist and player of the Harpsichord. Anna is currently studying Harpsichord as a pupil of Marek Pilch and Anna Firlus at The Music Academy in Katowice, Poland. Adrianna Maria Kafel – Cellist. Adrianna was awarded her Master of Arts degree in Cello in 2016, following a period of study with Professor Dorota Imielowska (Music Academy of Krakow, Poland). Later, her interests drifted towards traditional folk instruments and she went on to study Knee-Fiddle as a pupil of Professor Maria Pomianowska. Adrianna was awarded her Master of Arts degree in Knee-Fiddle in 2020. She is currently studying Baroque Cello as a pupil of Professor Teresa Kaminska at the Music Academy of Krakow, Poland. A shared passion for music and performing has led to the creation of this early music ensemble. AaVa are planning to record their own CD aimed at promoting and sharing their love of Baroque music both nationally within Poland and beyond.

You can find the quartet’s performance here.