Edie Jena Park

Edie Park (12) is a 7th grader at Wilmette Junior High School in Wilmette, IL. Under the unwavering guidance and mentorship of Dr. Christina Tio at the Music Institute of Chicago since 2018, Edie’s passion and determination has been met with remarkable musical achievements including the recent invited recitals at Carnegie Hall, NY as a winner of American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition and at the Beethoven Haus, Bonn Germany as a 1st place winner of the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition. She is a recipient of the Merit Scholarship of the Music Institute of Chicago since 2020. When not practicing the piano, she is an avid supporter and listener of WFMT, the classical music station in the Chicago area. She loves reading, writing, and taking walks to Lake Michigan. At school, she participates in the Spelling Bee, the History Bee, and loves Latin and social studies. During the pandemic, Edie began publishing a neighborhood newspaper online to help her neighbors feel connected. She aspires to become a historian (possibly a music historian!) when she grows up.

You can find Edie’s 2022 Baroque Music Competition piano performance here.