2022 Baroque Music Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners!

We are very excited to announce that Top 3 Finalists in their age group and instrument category can now order a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Prize Trophy corresponding to their prize here. Please note that at this time, we are only able to ship trophies to locations in the United States.

Ages 8 & under

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoBrandon Haoxuan Yang
Finley Cai

Olivia Tianqing Ye

Louis Gao
Claire Kang Xie

Veerindhra Songthaveephol
ViolinEverett Lee Wong

Ages 9 – 10

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoVictoria Marie Rebadulla Ramos

Jimmy Shaochen Huang
Gavin Xi

Irene Xu

Jessie Wu

Isaac Chong Ho Chiu
Christian Lin

Sarvesh Sriram
ViolinSylvia Michelle Pine
Jules Amyot
ViolaJeremy Zhang
CelloWinston Yu
DuetAnthony Kim and Winston Yu

Ages 11 – 12

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoEdie Jena Park
Stephanie Cheng

Tian Yu Tammy Ye
Alex Tang
ViolinColin Chu

Alisa Keel
Adriana Ossi
CelloQinyue Gu

Mako Nishimura
FluteMarianna Szlendak

Ages 13 – 14

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeFourth Prize
ViolinOriana Maria Wojciechowska
Noelle Streuber-Eden

Louis Ossi
Maya Liu
Lily Hagner
PianoDan Gnip
Jacob Chong Kit Chiu
ZhiCheng Xing
ViolaLina Lee Seo
Lumina Zhang
Baran Malool
HornEric Michael Reilly
OboeConnor Kyu Shim
CelloRuoyi Wang
FluteFaith Ruby Murphy
VoiceHenry Joseph Lombardo

Ages 15 – 16

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeFourth Prize
PianoAngelina Pashkovska
Michelle Yoon-ah Choi
Jiaxun Weng
Vishal Yathish
ViolinVictoria Tan
Annelise Ossi

Luke Stephen Bleuel
CelloTai-Chi Chen
Jason Joonsuh Lee
Ellison Koo
HarpHannah Grace Chen
MandolinCarrera Stamile
RecorderTegan Costello
ViolaCeline Kim

Ages 17 – 20

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond Prize
VoiceCaitlin Mackenzie Towell
Lydia Dorothea Rommel
PianoMehana Ellis
CelloFirmiana Wang
OrganAnnika Emma Johanson
ViolinHana Lee
FlutePhoebe Mei-Yin Chen

Ages 21+

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoZhaohan Wang
Joshua Fruend

Sun Hye Chung
Cao Wen Jing
VoiceMackenzie Savannah Smith

Júlia Coelho
Wenbo Shuai
ViolinShinhye Dong
Xiaohui Yan
ViolaAngelica Sophia Salazar
DuetJúlia Coelho
TrioDantoni, Shewan, Orchestra