Ethan Hahn

Ethan has played the cello since his age 9. He is currently in the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (MCYO)’s Symphony orchestra, the Advanced school orchestra in his school, and the All County Orchestra which is an junior honor orchestra in his school district. During the pandemic, his ensemble team went for the competition from Montgomery County Music Teachers Association (MCMTA) and they won first place prize. He won the first prize from the 2021 Metropolitan Music Festival of Young Musicians Inspiring Change and the first prize from the 2021 European Music Competition from the Charleston International Music Competition. Recently, Ethan’s MCYO Symphony orchestra performed in the Strathmore Music Center, and he went to Chicago with his school orchestra to perform in the Midwest Clinic which is a renowned nationwide concert mostly for high schools. Ethan’s music journey will go on as long as he loves the cello and music like now.

You can find Ethan’s 2021 European Music Competition cello performance here.

You can find Ethan’s 2022 Classical Music Competition cello performance here.