Gianni Chung

Gianni Chung

Gianni Chung lives in San Carlos, California and is a Junior at Crystal Springs Uplands School. Gianni picked up the harp at the age of eleven after four years of studying the piano. He has been studying harp with Alexandra Perdew for six years. He particularly loves the soothing and unique sound of the harp and the feeling of the vibration that comes from it. In 2021, Gianni won the Charleston International Music Competition and then First Prize in the 2022 Arpademia Celtic Harp Competition. In Spring 2021, he was selected as the Most Promising Performer in the 20th & 21st Century Composers category, at the KPU International Music Festival, achieving Gold Standing judged by Nancy Allen at the Juilliard School. In Fall 2021, Gianni was a finalist at the VAYA International Music Festival.
Gianni is a fearless competitor at the basketball court playing for both school and club team. While doing so, he learned the value of sportsmanship and discipline, which translates into the professionalism that shows in his music performances. As an energetic youth leader and student athlete, Gianni is passionate about creating a positive impact in his community. Serving as startup club leader at his school and youth ambassador at the local government’s office of sustainability, Gianni has been learning about entrepreneurship and developing projects that protect global ecosystems. In addition, Gianni loves guiding young children and helping them grow. He has been consistently connecting with young students as a volunteer tutor and a camp counselor.

You can find Gianni’s 2021 Contemporary Music Competition harp performance here.

You can find Gianni’s 2022 20th Century Music Competition harp performance here.

You can find Gianni’s 2022 European Music Competition harp performance here.

You can find Gianni’s 2022 Romantic Music Competition harp performance here.