2022 20th Century Music Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners!

We are very excited to announce that Top 3 Finalists in their age group and instrument category can now order a personalized 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Prize Trophy with their name corresponding to their prize here. Please note that at this time, we are only able to ship trophies to locations in the United States.

Ages 8 & under

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoEsme Soae Tran

Minlada Tangmanophienchai
Clarisa Hurtado
Joanna Yuan

Grant Wang

Sophie Yin
Areg Ekmekchyan

Angela Wang

Ages 9 – 10

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoLarisa Wangwittaya

Tee Nokhong
Aaron Zachary Tansri

Chloe Ng

Elizabeth Huang

Ruixuan Claire Ying
Sarvesh Sriram
Izabela Torfs
Jessica Luo
ViolinAlyssa Lin
DuetChristine and Logan Kim

Ages 11 – 13

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeFourth Prize
PianoArisa Wangwittaya

Sophia Lin

Daniel Bae
Kelly Leong

Kent Lee
Kevin Chen

Alexandra Catalano

Ethan Fu
Roajon Farsinejad
CelloEthan Ye
Ryan Pi
VoiceHenry Joseph Lombardo
Amelia Claire Birkner
ViolinEdan Leung
FluteElliana Barnhard
DuetNatalie and Danielle Beylin
Julian and Benjamin Slive

Ages 14 – 16

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoEthan Song

Phatthicha Leowattana
Iris Duan

Sabrina Jade Li

Sumin Park
Haejoo Chang
Nathan Zhu

Lucie Kim
ViolinKien Nguyen-Vu
Petra Noelle Croom
Ian Carr
CelloIan Jang
Charles Lee
FluteJoanne Jane Fan
HarpGianni Chung
GuitarYuki Chen
DuetSonny Jung and Edwin Cho
Brandon and Cassie Nguyen

Ages 17 – 19

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond Prize
VoiceCaitlin Mackenzie Towell

Hannah Yan
FluteKahley Jane Mitchell
Isabella Ann Carucci
PianoDhammarin Tularatruengnam
GuitarJade Wong Yu Tung
SaxophoneJohnathan Alexander Lee
MarimbaFinneas Clay Haarman
OboePere Nos Wilkins
DuetBrandon Kung and Dylan Perez
TrioSofia Radovic, Ian King, and Miriam Kessler

Ages 20 – 25

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeFourth Prize
PianoTrinity Fan
Nikolai Kuvshinikov
Edward Kee Ying Ta
FluteBrenna Sherman
Sydney Scherer
SaxophoneDawson Coleman
ClarinetJi Heon Kim
ViolaCharles Benjamin Carter
VoiceHunter Mullen

Ages 26 – 29

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoWarlem Fernandes dos Santos

Seulji Kim
Yi Zhang
Wooju Lee

Chen Liang
SaxophoneKam Fung Fan
ClarinetYiqiao Chen
DuetConnor Barney and Michael Reardon
Robert Bukovic and Rebecca Edmiston
Sydney Scherer and Kassandra Ormsby
TrioSydney Scherer, Roddy Terrell, Kassandra Ormsby

Ages 30+

InstrumentFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PianoMarina Stojanovska
Hyeri Choi
Andrew Choi
TarogatoJozsef Terek
ViolinJian Song
HornJonathan Snyder
FluteElena Artiles
VoiceAmanda Dianne Charles