Howard Luo


Howard Luo, from Richmond, Virginia, is currently a fifth grade student. He began his piano study in 2016 at age of six. In the first two years, Howard showed himself as a talented young musician. Without any special training, he can recognize 5 harmonic tones and transpose melodies. He also enjoys composing his own music. Since 2017, he has participated in PTA “Reflections”- an artistic talent competition. Howard has won second place of regional level in the music composition category three times. In 2019, he started attending piano competitions. He won First Place in the 2019 Richmond MTA Bach Competition. Shortly after, he achieved Alternative First Place in the Virginia Central District Piano Audition. In July 2019, he was invited to perform as a soloist and duet with violinist at 2019 Richmond International Culture Festival with only one month preparation. In 2020, he won Third Place Winner of the American Protege International Piano & Strings Competition. In 2021, he won second place in RMTA Bach Competition. His other interests include swimming, singing, and playing video games.

You can find Howard’s performance here.


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