Jackson He

Jackson began his piano journey at the age of four. In 2019; April, Jackson was the winner of a major international competition and was invited to Carnegie Hall to perform his winning piece. Jackson is the Sothern Regional Winner of 2022 MTAC State Solo & Concerto Competition. He also recently received Judges’ Distinction Award from the 2021 Satori Summer Music Festival Piano Grand Prize. Also last August; he received the second prize and Best Performance of a work by J.S Bach award in the Chicago International Music Competition.

He enjoys performing on stage and his favorite style is Jazz. Aside from playing piano, Jackson loves to read books, play video games and build Legos with his younger brother. His favorite subject is science; he had the chance to join the summer camp in Space Center Houston last year and he had lots of fun there.

You can find Jackson’s 2022 Spring Music Competition piano performance here.