Julien Torfeh

Julien Torfeh

Julien Torfeh is a talented 10-year-old pianist of French-Lebanese descent residing in Qatar. He began his musical journey at the Yamaha Music School in Qatar at the tender age of 4, initially in group classes, but it was not long before he was identified as a stand-out performer and moved to private lessons. He has almost completed the music school’s curriculum and has already started playing songs beyond the program’s scope.

Julien has already participated in several concerts, showcasing his musical prowess to an admiring audience. In both 2022 and 2023, he reached the finals of the Anselmo music competition, where he received an honorable mention for his performances. Recently, he was also invited for an interview by a local NGO called Teach for Qatar, which supports young talents in the country.

Apart from music, Julien is also an exceptional athlete and plays football with the PSG academy elite team. He participated in the PSG World Cup in France in 2022, and he recently signed with a local team as a defender. Julien is a well-rounded individual, excelling in multiple disciplines, and is known for his perseverance and intelligence.

Despite his varied interests, Julien’s greatest passion is playing the piano. He finds playing the instrument relaxing and joyful, and he wishes to continue playing and improving his skills in the future.

You can find Julien’s 2023 Spring Music Competition piano performance here.