Laura Hakobyan

Laura Hakobyan

Laura Hakobyan was born on June 24th, 2009 in Yerevan/Armenia, since 2016 living in Austria, since 2019 playing harp. She is currently studying harp with the award-winning harpist Mag. Maria Tuturilova in Vienna ( and already won prizes at 30 international competitions (Austria, Italy, Argentina, Finland, Russia, Spain, Bulgaria).

Most important achievements in 2022:

IV. IMC “Cosmos Stars”/Jekaterinburg: Grand Prix

IMKA IMC/Sarajevo: 1st Prize

XI. “Città di Massa”/Italy: 1st Absolute Prizewinner

IX. IMC “Astana Grand-Prix”/Kazakhstan: Grand Prix

VI. IMC “Oskar Rieding”/Slovenia: Gold Award

VI. IMC “Nouvelles Etoiles”/Paris: 1st Prize

IMC “Vivaldi”/UK: 1st Prize with Excellence

I. Infinity International Harp Competition/HK: Camac Grand Prize

You can find Laura’s 2022 Contemporary Music Competition harp performance here.