Melody Q’Orianka Keeton

Melody Keeton is a fourteen year-old freshman at Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colorado. She started studying piano at the age of seven; she progressed quickly and discovered a love for performing. She began studying with Laura Klein at the age of nine and was soon participating in festivals and competitions, earning high honors in her performances. When she was ten, she performed the first movement of Haydn’s Piano Concerto in C with Inside the Orchestra, a Colorado non-profit educational orchestra. Melody won first place in both 2018 and 2019 in the International Songbirds Youth Music Festival in Denver, Colorado; in 2019, she also won the Audience Choice award as well as placing third in the International Youth Piano Competition in Los Angeles, California. Most recently, she competed in the Prima Volta Music Competition and the New York Young Virtuoso Competition in 2021; she was a third place winner in both competitions.

Music has always been a part of Melody’s life and she appreciates a wide variety of genres; she especially enjoys exploring modern composers and new music. Her teachers include Tatyana Palamarchuk and Laura Klein.

You can find Melody’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.