Roslyn Lee

Roslyn Lee (15yr) was born in Korea. She has been studying piano since the age of 4 from pianist Cindy Lee. Roslyn made her debut recital at her age of 6 in 2011 in California. She has been performing in the Ensemble Festival, Jazz Festival, and NFMC Junior Festival for many years. Roslyn competed in various competitions, both in solo and ensemble (duet and bigger groups). She won 1st place in many competitions including OPUS Music Competition (2022), Red Maple Music Competition (2021), Roger Bushell Scholarship Competition (2016, 2019 and 2021), Las Vegas Piano Competition (2019), Silver State Competition (2016- 2021), and Legacy Competition(2018). She also won 1st place in the Concerto division in the Silver State Competition (2021). In the Piano League Star International Competition, she won 1st place in the preliminary round, and 2nd place in the final round (2020, 2021). Roslyn is performing at Carnegie Hall in April, 2022 as a Gold Medalist from the Passion of Music Festival (2020) for solo and duet. She also likes to compose music. She won 1st place in composition from the Silver State Competition (2019, 2021). Roslyn is currently enrolled in 10th grade at Spring Valley High School.

You can find Roslyn’s 2022 Classical Music Competition piano performance here.