Yunxi Peng

Yunxi Peng

Yunxi Peng was born in 2000 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. His grandfather was Jiahuang Peng, a well- known composer in the southern part of China. Peng got his first touch with the violin when he was 3 years old, and began his proper study later.
In 2011 , he was admitted to the primary school of Xinghang Conservatory. And the next year, he was admitted to the Middle School attached to the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou. Six years later , Peng started his undergraduate study at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. While he was in school, he had some private lessons and master classes with Midori Goto, Ian Swensen, and Chen Xi who won the Silver Prize at the Twelfth International Tchaikovsky Violin Competition. In 2019 , he won the University Scholarship for Professional Excellence. Next year, he was appointed as the Principal of The Symphony Orchestra of Xinghai Conservatory of Music. As a ConcertMaster, he performed Mahler No. 3 , Beethoven No.3, Brahms No.3, Bruckner No.8, Carmina Burana and other symphonies. He performed Mozart’ s Violin Concerto No. 4 as a soloist with the Xinghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra in November 2021 at HuiZhou, Canton. In 2022, he was admitted to the Ecole Normale de musique de Paris.
He is currently studying with Professor Liana Gourdjia.

2023 Invited to participate in Academy Spring Program on a full scholarship by Irish Chamber Orchestra.
2023 UIMP-Ataúlfo Argenta Youth Symphony Orchestra of Santander invited Yunxi Peng on a full scholarship to participate in a tour concert in Spain.
He also Invited by the National Youth Orchestra of Luxembourg on a full scholarship to participate in the summer season in 2023.

The awards have been won so far are:
•2020 Xinghuiyao Strings competition( China) :
-Grand prize (Won a Violin bow)

•2021 Prokofiev International music competition:
-Second prize

•2022 1st STRING COMPETITION ONLINE (Poland): -Honorable Mention
2nd Edition: -3rd Prize
3rd Edition: -2nd Prize

•2022 International Grand music competition 2022 -onlines (Russia):
-1st Prize

•Royal Sound strings Competition (Canada, Montreal) :
-Audience Award Winner
-Second Place

-First Prize
-The most Exceptional Performer

•UK 2 nd International music Competition(UK)
-Absolute First Prize
-Excellent technique special award

•XIV Savshinsky International Music
Competition (Russia):
-Second Prize

•1st Lugano. International Music Competition ( Lugano, Switzerland) :
-First Prize

•2022 – VRICMF – Music in the Vineyards Competition( Vrsac, Serbia):
-Violin, soloist senior 1st place

•“KAMERTON- SOLOIST” III International Competition Of
Performing Art ( Armenia, Yerevan) :
– 1st Prize

•Birmingham International Music Competition :
-First Prize

You can find Yunxi’s 2022 Contemporary Music Competition violin performance here.

You can find Yunxi’s 2023 20th Century Music Competition violin performance here.