Alexander Romanov

Alexander Romanov is a Sophomore at Courtland High School in Spotsylvania County in Virginia. He is a first chair violin in Symphonic Orchestra, principal trumpet player in Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Marching band (also a brass captain) at his school. Additionally, he is a current member of The Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestra in Washington D.C area led by Dr. Cheri Collins, where he plays in Symphonic group as Principal trumpet and one of the first violins. Furthermore, Alexander is an active first trumpet player in Fredericksburg Concert Band led by Christopher Fens and a leading violin in Fredericksburg Rock for Strings ensemble led by Brittany Frompovich. Just as the Fredericksburg Band with biannual concerts for the community, Rock for Strings support community notably by performing during the Marine Corps Half Marathons and Fredericksburg festivals each year.
Alexander’s dedication to music helped him to achieve high marks in both violin and trumpet as he had successfully auditioned during his middle and high school years for All county Orchestra Concert Master, while also performing as the first violin of the North Junior regional Orchestra. Simultaneously, he successfully auditioned for first chair trumpet in All County and All District Band (Symphonic) first chair.
During his tenure in middle school and high school Alexander seized the opportunity to share his musical knowledge and skills with his peers for the school’s assessment preparation in band and orchestra. He developed and implemented the School Music Mentorship program where he meets with his peers twice a week during a study hall to prepare for the upcoming assessments and school concerts. Additionally, Alexander created Courtland Highschool Chamber Group and was invited to become a member of Tri-M music society to help students with the assigned music.
Alexander continuously seeks out new sources of information to satisfy his curiosity for music. He constantly participates in the Shenandoah Conservatory strings and brass days where he meets like-minded students from throughout the region and participates in masterclasses led by Shenandoah Conservatory’s prestigious string faculty. In 2020 during Covid -19, Alexander was recognized as the best high school performer by the Shenandoah faculty and three of his solo recordings were streamed on the event. In 2019, Alexander decided to create his own concert program and started to give free concerts in the community. He is always asked to perform in assisted living facilities and always welcomed by the residents.
Alexander’s interest to music and his love for trumpet and violin motivated him to strive for excellence in performance in every band and orchestra he had the opportunity to participate. Since he was 5 years old, Alexander performed in various orchestras and bands in New York, California and now in Virginia and DC. Alexander is very excited to participate in the Charleston International Music Competition and expand his musical experience in the professional environment with other students.

You can find Alexander’s 2022 Winter Music Competition violin performance here.