Cristian William Dirkhising


Cristian Dirkhising (Dur-kai-zing) is a concert pianist and composer living in Florida, studying music composition and piano performance at Jacksonville University. Being born in the rural Midwest where a musical career is alien to most in the area, he has proven that music’s power can be harnessed by anybody despite their regional and socioeconomic origins. Some of Dirkhising’s accomplishments and activities include but aren’t limited to winning two competitions from the prestigious piano program at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, performing a multitude of new and exciting works to the public at some of Jacksonville’s public venues such as the Downtown Public Library, performing in masterclasses open and inclusive to the public with prestigious artists in Jacoby Hall including guest pianist Zhang Zuo, being nationally recognized and awarded to be Duval County’s best composer by the national PTA Reflections competition, and winning the 2020 Concerto Competition at Jacksonville University.

You can find Cristian’s performance here.


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