Eileen Zhuge

Eileen Zhuge was born in 2009 and she is a 7th grader in Hoover Middle school of Maryland. She studied piano with San-Qing Lu Bennaman since 2012. She won numerous awards including trophies: 1st place in Rockville Competition for Piano & Strings 2015-2019; 1st place in Maryland State Music Teachers Association Piano Festival Solo Competition, 2015 – 2021; 1st place Montgomery County Music Teachers Association Judged Recital 2016; 1st places in Mariam Shields Gottlieb Memorial Piano Competition 2016, 2019; and 1st place in Elite International Music Competition 2018.

Eileen loves to form a group, playing chamber music with her classmates at her spare time. She loves classic music and enjoy performing on the stage.

You can find Eileen’s 2022 Winter Music Competition piano performance here.